Improving The Quality Of Parenting In Vanadzor


Recently, the “Shogh” children’s day care center offered training sessions for staff and parents at Vanadzor’s public schools # 3 and 4. The sessions were run by “Shogh” center specialist Elmira Gevorgyan, who focused on children’s rights, parenting skills, and abuse prevention.


Throughout Armenia, studies reveal growing reports of child abuse as well as lack of parenting skills, which have a detrimental impact on children’s well-being. Ms. Gevorgyan stressed that improvement requires ongoing social work practices, engaging subjects both at the family level and the community level. Attendees engaged these ideas and participated actively in the discussions that ensued.



Participants of the training conducted by “Shogh” center 


The “Shogh” children’s day care center is sponsored jointly by the Tufenkian Foundation and the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA).

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