Give the gift of clean water to Armenia



Since October 1st, 2012, the Tufenkian Foundation has been collaborating with ONEArmenia (1A), a new non-profit platform based in New York City and Yerevan. As one of 1A’s first partnering organizations, we have the opportunity to raise money for the humanitarian projects we have always strived to initiate and execute using the latest innovations in social media outreach. Our goal is to allow the donors to closely follow the progress of projects from inception to completion. Our first Project, building a Kindergarten for the Armenian village of Moshatagh, has already been fully funded – $19,611 was raised in 30 days. We will break ground on this project in early Spring.

The essence of crowd-funding is in the word itself–anyone, anywhere in the world, can donate as little or as much as they want to a project that they believe in by way of crowd-funding sites such as

The Moshatagh project is only the first of our collaborations with the 1A team. Our new project is to provide clean water for 465 people in Karotan and neighboring Vardabats, Kumayri and Pakahan.


With the help of OneArmenia, we are campaigning to raise $22,193 by January 15th. Help give the gift of water this holiday season. Here’s the official IndieGoGo crowd-funding page for our “Gift of Water” project:

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Here is some additional information about the Karotan Water Project:

Karotan’s families have been drinking out of a dirty well for nearly 20 years. Men, women and children walk over 3 kilometers several times a day to retrieve water from the only well in the area. In 2010 alone, 34 cases of serious intestinal infection were reported in and around the village. By diverting clean water from a nearby spring into a simple concrete basin, the risk of water-borne illness will be significantly reduced. In nearby Getap, three stone basins have been delivering a combined 8 tons of clean water to local residents since 2012. The Tufenkian Foundation would like to extend this success to Karotan by piping water from a natural spring 7.5 kilometers away into a new 50 ton basin.



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