UPDATE: Tufenkian Foundation Emergency Relief Initiative

Crisis Relief Initiative Followup.jpgTwo months ago, the Tufenkian Foundation launched an Emergency Relief Initiative in response to Armenia’s worsening economy. Since that time, we have received some $13,000 in donations, as scores of concerned people throughout the world have stepped up to help Armenia’s most vulnerable strata navigate this new, difficult economic climate. While the average donation has been about $100, contributions have been as small as $5 and as large as $5,000. All of these donations are appreciated, and every dollar is being used to provide direct relief to those suffering most from the current economic fallout.

We are happy to report that we are already making progress. For example, there is the case of Senik Karapetyan and his family—including four children ages 6 to 13—who were spending their days seeking day-labor since the crisis hit Armenia.  Most often, they were foraging for wild vegetables to sell; this work was difficult, kept the children out of school, and brought in meager pay.  But it helped them remain in the roofless shack that was given to them by the government, which they cover with loose sheets of metal.  The family clearly needed sturdier, more reliable shelter—a fixed address—which would also enable Senik to find better work.

With funds from the Crisis Relief Initiative and support from a network of partner groups, the Foundation managed to give Senik optimism for the first time in years: Armenian Habitat, a partner organization, agreed to help Senik build a new home. The materials for the new home were purchased with support from HyeSanta and the Tufenkian Foundation.

Many of you will also be glad to know that the donations that have been made so far have been a significant help to Armine—the mother who fled an abusive husband and was living in a barn with two young, malnourished children.  She and her children have received food, clothing, and emergency medical care, and we have helped them to find a fixed address so that they can begin receiving government assistance.  Our social workers are now also assisting her husband to overcome his destructive habits and reclaim his familial responsibilities.

Stories such as these are too rare, but becoming more frequent thanks to your help. If you have not done so already, please consider supporting our work to help provide immediate relief from this economic crisis.  Donations in any size can help us to help families purchase food and firewood, find affordable medical care, and perform much-needed home repairs, and more.


You can donate online by clicking the button above, or by making a check marked for the Emergency Relief Fund payable to:

The Tufenkian Foundation
20 Capitol Drive
Moonachie, NJ 07074

For more information, please contact Rick Barry or call 212.475.4575 x384.

Photo Credit: Karen Mirzoyan

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