Continued Collaboration of Women’s Support Center and Near East Foundation


Following a successful 2-year pilot program, the Women’s Support Center (WSC) and Near East Foundation (NEF) have agreed to renew their collaboration for another two years..

The joint program serves to enhance the delivery of economic development programs, specifically those supportive of gender equality and protecting against gender-based violence. WSC and NEF will continue to focus on vocational training aimed at promoting economic independence and self-sustenance among Armenian women survivors of domestic violence.

Already the program has found employment for  20 women, and has trained and provided seed money for  an additional 20 women to start their own businesses. The second phase of the program will emphasize the micro-enterprise opportunities for such women, so they may attain financial independence and empowerment, as they start new lives free of abuse and violence.    



 WSC beneficiaries discussing their achievements in business and bonding with each other telling their stories of despair and success

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