Artsakh Fund Builds the First Clinic of Arajamugh

07 June 2018

Due to the joint efforts of the Tufenkian Foundation and Artsakh Fund-Eastern USA, the Arajamugh Village will soon have its own clinic.


Arajamugh is a village established by the Tufenkian Foundation near Artsakh's Southern border. We started building it in 2004, as a part of our mission to resettle and develop the liberated borderlands of Artsakh.

14 years later, the village has its own school and mayor's office, 25 newly built houses with modern amenities, and, most importantly, a growing population (a big part of which are children). The villagers have access to water, power lines, sewage disposal, livestock barns, and gravel roads.

When designing the village, we foresaw not only construction of houses and infrastructure, but also opportunities for villagers to develop livelihoods for themselves. With this in mind, we planted 5 hectares of pomegranate orchards in 2012 — expanding them to 7 hectares in 2016.

Throughout the past years, a number of generous co-sponsors have contributed to our efforts in Arajamugh. Most recently, we partnered with Artsakh Fund — Eastern USA to continue the development and expansion of the village. First, Artsakh Fund helped renovate the facades of existing houses, and later, in 2016, built six additional homes for the villagers. Since then, Artsakh Fund has assumed primary responsibility for further growth of Arajamugh.

The construction of a healthcare clinic is the next big step for Arajamugh. Until now, medical care available in the village was limited to the services of the village nurse. Considering the proximity of Arajamugh to the nearest medical centers in other communities, and the needs of its growing population, it is vital for the village to have its own facility.

Financed by the Tufenkian Foundation and carried out by Artsakh Fund-Eastern USA, construction works are currently in full swing, The people of Arajamugh will soon have a clinic, and we are excited to watch the progress of this border village.

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