Artsakh Resettlement Program: Expanding the Strategic Village of Arajamugh




In its efforts to promote resettlement of Artsakh’s border regions, “Artsakh Fund – Eastern US” is organizing several awareness and fundraising events this fall. The first event will take place on Sunday, September 13 at the Lexington, MA home of Harry & Katrina Glorikian. Featured speakers will be Artsakh Fund chairman Alex Sarafian, who will describe the Fund’s strategy and activities, along with Dr. Carolann S. Najarian, who will relate her experiences working in Artsakh during and after its liberation struggle in the 1990s. Proceeds from the event will go toward the Fund’s Arajamugh Village Expansion Project.

Event admission is $100 per person. Space is limited, and reservations are required. To RSVP or for further information, please write to or (646) 431-3309

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