Ararat Center Launches Summer Program


Ararat Summer School_small.jpgThe Ararat Center for Strategic Studies, a Tufenkian Foundation grantee, recently launched a one-month intensive course on “Armenia and the Region in the Current International Political System.”

According to Ararat Center Director Armen Ayvazyan, most of Armenia’s youth lack a basic understanding of the nuanced security issues confronting the nation – a serious problem in a country that already relies heavily on foreign research and intelligence. According to Ayvazyan, such information is often flawed or focused on the reporting nation’s concerns rather than Armenia’s.

“We need to be able to analyze our own Armenian issues independently,” Ayvazyan says. “Otherwise, we will be supplied with insufficient analysis. The current program aims to provide young Armenians, perhaps for the first time, with the latest and most recent products of Armenian thought on our strategic, security, and historical issues.”
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The course serves 25 Armenian students and recent graduates between the ages of 19 and 28. The participants come from International Relations, History, and Journalism departments of the country’s universities. More than a dozen professors from a range of academic fields are working with these students throughout the month, lending their insight and expertise.

Based in Yerevan, the Ararat Center for Strategic Studies opened in 2006. Its aim is to promote discussion and professional-level public debate on strategic and security issues as they apply to Armenia’s international, regional, and domestic affairs. In particular, it aims to address Armenia’s lack of a strategic school of thought and its dearth of independent academic resources committed to analyzing international and security policy. The Tufenkian Foundation helped launch the Center, and continues as one of its principal sponsors.

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